Women in Dentistry: Strong Mind Initiative


Course Synopsis:


Despite the predominance of women in dentistry, a nearly million strong industry, and the progress society has made towards equality, women still experience gaps in income, power, and representation. However, they face a far more fundamental crisis: the gap in knowledge about their health.


The Strong Mind Initiative will study the history of “bikini medicine,” then explore aspects needed to comprehend how the female brain operates and any trials, hazards, risks, and opportunities for optimization it poses. This session will also look at critical diagnostic tools to maximize healthy brains and identify areas to prevent disease in women. It will look at the steps needed for women’s brains to thrive, minimize their risks, and translate this information into workspaces. Women in Dentistry: Strong Mind Initiative will help attendees personally, as practitioners, and the millions of women they serve to start taking care of their brains and bodies for lifetime rewards.

Sharpen You Cognitive edge: Using Food for Function

Course Synopsis


Of all the organs in the body, the brain is one of the most vulnerable to a poor diet’s ravages. The brain is the most metabolically active organ, using 20% of the body’s energy haul. Adopting a brain-healthy diet is a powerful tool in maximizing cognitive health and is a powerful preventative against dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Women have different metabolic requirements, genetics and hormones that factor into healthy eating. Common ailments for women such as slow metabolism, insomnia and depression can be curtailed by knowing how to maximize the intake of nutrients that specifically deal with the delicate integrity of our highly specialized bodies and brains.


We know that diets do not deliver the same results for women as compared to men. The body and the brain alike need all kinds of nutrients to keep them healthy. Considering female physiology is paramount in optimizing brain health.


Women’s quality of life can be enhanced by following simple guidelines. Recent groundbreaking research will be revealed in this course that focuses on how gut health, antioxidants, phytoestrogens, xenoestrogens, organic foods, chemicals, and even fasting can be beneficial to the female brain.


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